Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cleaner Future

Today we have CleanUp Australia Day - look HERE and HERE.
Few days ago I looked around for a team making some order close to my place and I found one with very encouraging name - Clean Future. The name was not only very encouraging, but in my case very practical, our cleaning area was a cemetery...

At 11 am I met my teammates at the cemetery gate and I got some worries. Cemetery area is maintained regularly so our task was limited to surrounding strip of land. There were 5 of us, will we fight for each piece of rubbish?
First steps along the quiet street seemed to confirm my worries, but soon we reached a busy road and we were in our element. This section of the road was just a couple hundred metres from MacDonald, exactly in place where the driver and passengers finish their meal and drink and throw away the rest through the window. Our bags filled quickly and our faces radiated with pride.
Next section was also fruitful. It was adjacent to an industrial complex and apparently some people spend their breaks on the grass next to the cemetery fence. This means many cigarettes butts, empty cigarette packs and drink cans.
We finished our task half an hour earlier than expected (in the meantime two more people joined the team), so we cleaned a playground and some streets around. Our loot was quite satisfactory...

Thank you all members of Clean Future team :)

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  1. Lech, you couldn't have written a better story on what we did today! Love it!