Sunday, October 1, 2017

Why the most devastating hurricanes got female names?

Just look at this years list: Irma and Maria. Most people still remember Katrina from year 2005.
I would add also Tracy - most devastating tropical cyclone in Australian history (1974).

No wonder I heard a comment - what a perfidy, to name such a disaster Maria?
Perfidy indeed. How could it happen?

 I found that hurricane names are allocated by World Meteorological Organisation 5 years in advance, alternately - male and female names. Full list HERE.

So at the time of allocating the names people haven't got a slightest idea what sort of hurricane it will be. Maybe none if number of hurricanes in certain year will not reach 21.

This is the Nature, some will say - God, who decides how strongly the wind will blow.

Polish version HERE.

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